Update News (video): iPad mini reviews from different companies

Here is the links in the below that you can check the reviews about iPad mini.  They are useful information what you need to know about it.


“What’s unique about the Mini? Without a doubt, it’s the design. It’s cute, it’s discreet, and it’s very, very light.”


The Verge

“There’s something endearing about the mini that makes you want to keep it on-hand and use it often.”



“Overall, the tablet is very comfortable to hold; its thinness and lightness are both attributes that must be perceived first-hand.”


The Guardian

“Lining those pluses and minuses up against those for the Nexus 7 – which garnered four stars – there’s no doubt that this is indeed a five-star device. The 20% difference in comparative price is more than made up by the difference in build quality and software selection.”


Loop Insight

“What I found was surprising to me. I actually used the iPad mini more than my iPad.”

Review: iPad mini

4th generation iPad shows that they do performance very well

4th generation iPad benchmarks shows proof that 1.4 GHZ dual Core Processor and 1GB of Ram can do better performance about twice as fast as the 3rd generation iPad.  3rd generation iPad was released last March 2012.  Apple made fourth generation iPad to add new hardware, lightning dock, battery and type of screen.  4th generation iPad also has A6X processor running little bit powerful than iPhone 5.  You can see the picture how closer between iPad 4th generation and iPhone 5.

iPad mini and 4th generation became available for pre-order last Friday



Last Friday around midnight, iPad mini and 4th Generation iPad became available for pre-order.  Customers can also order iPad mini or cellular models on Verizon, AT&T or Sprint however it will be shipping in middle of November.  You can check at Apple Store online for iPad mini’s cost.  If you prefer to buy it in Apple Store, you can buy one in Apple Store on November 2nd.