Another way to get refurbished Apple products via eBay

If you are looking for another way to get refurbished Apple computers and mobile devices, you can get one from eBay and it might be good deal for the upcoming Holiday season.  eBay recently launched own new outlet for Apple certified refurbished products.  From eBay, you can be able to find 25 products to grabs like white 32 GB third-generation iPad for $469 which you could save about $130.  You can check out the price for MacBook, Macs, iPod touches and iPads and they may offer good deal.  They also offer same one-year warranty on these product and free shipping.

There are some hearsay saying that Apple sells refurbished products via eBay to see how it goes well however there are no sources where they do come from.  Most Apple refurbished products are the exactly same price as Apple Store online.  They are listed as “Buy it now” only.  Some states don’t have to pay taxes via eBay, only few stores have to pay for taxes including California, Indiana, Nevada, New Jersey, Texas and Washington, D.C.  eBay said that each product has passed through same quality inspection as Apple Store online.  To buy refurbished products from Apple at eBay might be nice solution to save money and their high quality products will last good years.

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