Virgin Launches LTE, Offers iPhone 5

Virgin just added LTE network to their plate and is now ready to offer iPhone 5 to Virgin customers.  Virgin Mobile is a company under Sprint. Virgin is also the pre-paid wireless company.  Virgin has been offering iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S.  When they finally launched the LTE network, it opened the door to iPhone 5 and future devices.


Apple sees well improvement in U.S. Mac sales grow

After struggling with iMac sales last holiday season, Apple finally sees improvement in U.S. Mac sales.  In January, the sales of all-in-one iMac grew 31 percent.  Why so sudden growth? Apple didn’t have enough redesigned iMac in stock.  With improved supply, Apple is able to sell more new iMac line.  The current data is an important leg for Apple.  That signals Apple’s success with iMac line.


New Retina MacBook Pro line saw the minor spec bumps

Recently, Apple announced the minor spec bumps in its Retina MacBook Pro line, the lab has run the new devices through benchmark tests to see if the performance has improved for the new models.  The performance jumped by 3-5 percent.  That’s a slightly improvement against those of their predecessors. The new Retina models are available now and these models saw a price reduction.  The 13-inch model now starts at $1,499 for a model with a 128GB SSD while the model with a 2.6GHz processor and 256GB SS sells for $1,699.


Apple iPhone 5 and 4S named the most reliable smartphones

FixYa, a site that offers troubleshooting tips revealed a “SmartPhone Reliability Report” that shows user complaints on smartphones from Apple, Samsung, Nokia, and Motorola.  The database has 30 million users.  According to Fixya’s rankings, Apple products were the most reliable with fewer reported problems.  Apple’s major issue is battery issue, especially when using the phone in area with a weak signal.  But, iPhone 4S & iPhone 5 are the most durable smartphones out there!

apple graph

Sony announced about PS4 and second screen experience app for iOS

During Sony’s event in New York City, they announced that they plan to add second-screen app for PlayStation 4 that might be released in the holiday 2013.  There is no word about how much PS4 will be cost and what is the full hardware inside yet.  They also said that PS4 would allow gamers to try out new games before purchasing them.  Sony will be ready for a companion app called PlayStation App that will allow iOS and Android devices to become second screens for players. They informed that app could allow players to see maps on their second screens when playing an adventure game, purchase PS4 games while away from home and download it directly to their consoles at home, or they could use the app to remotely watch other gamers playing on their devices.