Google now brings real time public transit Info to Google Maps

Last December, the MTA rolled out a new app for smartphone that provided up-to-the-minute tracking for seven New York City transit lines and they are still expanding. Meanwhile, Google has joined the party by adding live schedule information in Google Maps. Google is working to upgrade NYC’s entire subway system for tracking. This project will take a few years to complete. It is really a convenient feature for anyone who rides these trains daily. In addition, Google also has been working with the Utah Transit Authority to add schedule data for buses and trains for Sity Lake City. Another good news for Washington, DC riders now can be able to access to live service alerts too.


Gmail app’s new update just got released today with bring new interface features to iOS devices



Gmail app’s new update just got released today with bring new interface features to iOS devices. It introduces swiping between conversations as well as customers can take action on multiple emails at once which is pretty neat and simple. Click here to get update and extra information about it via App Store.

FAA rules on devices to use during flights could change this year

Many people in the world know that the tablet or the e-reader are not permitted to use during takeoff and landing which is sometimes bothering while take off on a plane. It doesn’t make any difference if the device is in airplane mode due to that the rules are simply the rules but there is a possibility that the rule might change this year.


According to the report stated in The New York Times, entire industry group are working with FAA to study the issue and to see if the rules can be flexible in allowing the passengers to use e-readers or tablets like iPads this year while they take off on a plane. The FAA will make an announcement on July 31st this year if the issue of this regulation can loosen a bit. Of course, cellphones are still banned since it has risks than tablets and e-readers.


Senator Claire McCaskill made a comment in which it said that she made a promise to introduce a legislation to force the FAA to be flexible about this rule because she doesn’t think it is fair that airline pilots and flight attendants do use iPads during flights awhile passengers are still restricted with it. If it is true that FAA gave them approval, it will be good chance to start for passengers.

T-Mobile will be finally getting iPhone at tomorrow’s event

Looks like T-Mobile is finally getting iPhone this time and it will be important key device. T-Mobile will take event called “Uncarrier” in New York City starting at 11AM Eastern tomorrow. They are the only one of the four major U.S. carriers does not currently offer carry the iPhone. It will be not only one they will discuss about it but they will talk about contract-free plans, its 4G LTE schedule, roll-out and some others. We shall will find out when they will start selling them after this event.


Apple’s iPhone earns for 9th straight award in JD Power customer satisfaction survey

Apple’s iPhone has continued to receive high praise. J.D. Power has recognized iPhone as the most satisfied product. It’s the ninth consecutive time that Apple’s iPhone has led all other smartphone in customer satisfaction. iPhone is one of the most popular smartphone vendors. It has received a score of 855 out of 1,000. Nokia notched second place and Samsung came in a close third place. It’s important for Apple to continue with the success of iPhone and other products. Apple is continuing to work hard to please their customers!


New update from Google+ app to add profile design, photo filters and some others

Today, Google has updated Google+ apps with a wealth of new features and improvements: new profile design and photo filters including Instagram-like filters. Users now can add Instagram-esque filters to the photos and also can rotate and crop pictures which is easier way.  New notifications tray, and improved set-up are included too.  Here is full update in the below about Google+ app or click here for download it.

  • Control the volume of  posts that you see in stream from individual circles/communities
  • Filter search results by best or most recent
  • Tell your friends about a community (by sharing it or sending an invitation
  • Re-share posts to communities
  • Display counts for unread messages in communities
  • Additional community moderation features