Google+ app’s new update focuses on improving the app’s photo editing tools

Google+ app got new update yesterday and mostly like focuses on improving the app’s photo editing tools. They added Auto Enhance mode mode for improving photos with a single tap, along with Auto Backup, Auto Awesome, and Auto Highlight  features. About Auto Highlight, it will automatically pick user’s best shots out of a series of photos. In case if you might want to know, Google removed Hangouts from it and added its new standalone app. 


Here is description for new update from Google+ app for iOS in the below:

– New Google+ Photos features keep photos organized and looking their best
* Make your photos look even better with Auto Enhance
* Browse highlights from all your photos
* Share short animations, panoramas, and more
– Hangouts has moved to it’s own app for messaging and video calls
– Discover interesting content via related hashtags
– Ability to edit more profile fields and upload a cover photo
– New interactive Google Offer posts in the stream
– Control how often What’s Hot posts appear in your stream
– Support for displaying strikethrough text
– Ability to edit comments
– Ability to copy the post’s permalink

Google+ app’s new update for iOS is available via the App Store

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New update from Twitter for iOS adds improved tweet composer and wide timeline

Today Twitter has issued an new update with several improvements to give users better experience, faster and make it more responsive and usable. They introduces a new tweet composer that actually allows users to see a preview of the Tweet with the picture in it. Another interesting part about this update, they added a wider timeline design instead of the old timelines that had margins at the sides.


Here is the statement from Twitter:

“Photos: When you add a photo to your Tweet, you’ll see a full preview of your photo, not just the cropped version. We’ve also redesigned the experience to make it easy to share a photo from your camera roll: simply click the photo icon on the bottom right corner of the Tweet box. With fewer steps needed to share photos, you can more easily share what’s going on in your life and quickly return to marveling over that gorgeous sunset.

Accounts: When you compose a Tweet, you’ll see your avatar and username, giving you a better sense of how your Tweet will actually appear. If you tweet from multiple accounts, it’s now easier to select the account you want to use by simply tapping on your avatar.” 

Twitter app’s new update for iOS update is available via the App Store.

Apple gave confirmation that WWDC 2013 will take place on June 10


Apple gave confirmation that World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) will occur on Monday, June 10 at Moscone Center in California. We are all expecting to see Apple’s introduction of new iOS 7 and OS X operating systems. Image that WWDC 2013 tickets got sold out in under just two minutes compared to 2 hours from WWDC 2012. We are looking forward to see what they look like soon.

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Apple confirmed that macs will be made in USA

Back in December, Apple made announcement that they would be making Mac products in the US, now Tim Cook confirmed that made-in-USA Macs will be manufactured in Texas and plans to create new jobs for American. Mostly like they will work with manufacturing partners and the parts will come from different states.


Here is the statement from Tim Cook:

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 4.43.36 AM

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AT&T plans to waive all overage charges for those who are affected by devastating tornado

In response to the devastating tornado that swept part of Oklahoma City last Monday, the wireless carrier AT&T has announced that it plans to waive all overage charges included data, text and voice for those who are affected through June 30th. For AT&T customers who want to aid the Red Cross in its efforts to assist victims can text “REDCROSS” to 9099 and $10 donation can be added to their AT&T monthly bill.


According to CNET, Sprint is doing same with customers who need help the most and important part. We do pray that they will be recovered fully as well and we also will donate to Red Cross for people who need our help too.

Source: CNET

Yahoo’s Flickr unveiled new redesign overhaul and 1TB free storage

Yahoo’s Flickr unveiled new redesign overhaul, with a focus on full resolution pictures and also 1TB of free storage for everyone. Great part about this that each user can get three minutes of 1080p video. CEO Marissa Mayer said Yahoo’s goal to make Flickr “awesome again”.


Here is the message what Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer said about this:

Screen Shot 2013-05-22 at 8.25.44 AM

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