Instagram takes lead over Vine in Topsy’s analytical tool


Instagram with new 15-second video feature actually blew Vine away in Topsy’s analytical tool. According to Marketing Land, they used it to compare how many links between Instagram and Vine. It shows that Vine was doing great throughout early June, but they dropped by the middle of the month when Instagram was first announced their new 15-second video feature. Vine company stated they promised something exciting and will be on the way this summer. Is Vine up for challenge to be competitor with Instagram? It is definitely must.

Source: Marketing Land

JetBlue chooses Apple’s iPad for its flight decks


According to AppleInsider, JetBlue has chosen Apple’s iPad for its flight decks.  The pilots who fly for JetBlue are being trained to use Apple’s iPad for various tasks such as weather, flight planning, and airports.  They can access the WiFi network via satellite.  It is much quicker to use tools via iPad than old fashioned methods.  A few days ago, American Airline has chosen Apple’s iPad.  That’s an incredible news!

Walmart will begin offering discounts for iPhone 5 and 4S


According to Mashable’s report, today, Walmart will begin offering $60 discount for iPhone 5 ($189 to $129) or $50 discount for iPhone 4S ($89 to $39). They can be available in the store and require a new 2-year contract with AT&T, Sprint or Verizon. It sure looks like in hot competitor with Best Buy for better price right now. Here is the link to check it out.

Source: Mashable