New iPads will not be unveiled at Apple’s media event Sept. 10


By now we are all pretty sure that the new iPhone 5S and quite possibly the iPhone 5C will be introduced on September 10 at Apple event. It is doubtful to see iPad fifth and iPad Mini 2nd to be released on same month as iPhone 5S and “iPhone 5C”. We know for sure that Apple is expected to introduce four products for a fall release, iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac, mostly like we will see two different events in September and October. Last year, the iPhone 5 was introduced at media event in September while the iPad mini and fourth-generation iPad were unveiled to the public in October. Most important part is we are expected to see iOS 7, Apple’s next-generation mobile operating system coming up soon this September and it will be interested to know what Apple plans to call for low cost iPhone or it could be “iPhone 5C”. Who knows and we shall will find out soon.

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Apple begun training AppleCare support employees on iOS 7

Apple has reportedly begun training AppleCare employees on iOS 7 related to support issues and it must be completed by the second week in September, according to 9to5Mac. The second week of September is when Apple is expected to introduce new iOS 7 for customers in the middle of the following week.

Screen Shot 2013-08-29 at 10.51.25 AM

The question is why they have to train AppleCare employees on iOS 7? It is because of significant changes to the user interface in iOS 7 different than iOS 6 and they have to be ready to explain some customers who may be surprised and confused about how the new operating system works. During the launch of iOS 7, Apple will require its part-time support staff to work full-time for new iOS 7 launch. They also will be training to know about new iCloud Photo Sharing options, the revamped Camera app, the new features of the Safari browser, Control Center, AirDrop file-sharing, and the new iTunes Radio streaming music service.

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Best Buy offers 50% off iPhone 5 for Labor Day

iPhone 5 (two-up, front, back, flat)

Next Monday is Labor Day, a national holiday in the United States, and the nation’s top electronics retailer Best Buy is hoping to counter Apple’s upcoming iPhone trade-in program by offering the iPhone 5 half price. That’s right, you can get a brand new 16 or 32GB iPhone 5 for at least half of its normal asking price, by trading-in your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S in good condition (no water damage or screen cracks).

Of course, you’re expected to commit your soul to AT&T, Verizon or Sprint for two more years. This is obviously becoming a thing for Best Buy: just two weeks ago, they were offering a $200 credit in exchange for your iPhone 4S in working condition…

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Metro: Last Light coming to Mac and Linux


One of the prettier PC games this year is heading to Mac and Linux. The OS X version of Metro: Last Light will be available on September 10th via App Store and Steam, while the Linux version will be out “later in the year.”

Both versions will support Steam Play, meaning owners of the PC version will automatically unlock the Mac and Linux versions when they’re available. In addition, the Mac and Linux versions will support the same DLC as the original PC release.

Unlike other Mac ports, this one’s being handled in-house by 4A. “The Mac and Linux versions of Metro: Last Light are further testimony to the power and flexibility of the 4A Engine,” 4A Games’ Oles Shishkovstov said in the announcement. “Development was handled in house by 4A games, and we are very happy with the results. We hope that Mac & Linux gamers will appreciate our efforts to create the best possible version for their machines.”

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Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad Mini: $60 shipped (Reg. $80)


Amazon is offering the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard for iPad Mini at just $60 with free shipping today. Today’s price drop is $20 off the regular listing, $19 off the Apple Store and matches or beats the next best prices. The screen cover doubles as a viewing stand, the built-in bluetooth keyboard features a familiar layout and even includes some iPad specific quick keys.

In our review, we highly recommend Logitech’s Ultrathin Keyboard Mini, noting that it “is an excellent, well-designed and built Bluetooth keyboard accessory. It is thin, light, and easy-to-setup…The design, because it is Smart Cover-like in nature, will also resonate with many users.” Amazon’s reviewers give this keyboard case 4.1 stars out of 5.

If you don’t mind refurbished you can pickup the white Logitech Ultrathin from Daily Steals for $48 with free shipping as part of their Logitech Grab Bag sale. This model is for the full-sized iPad 2/3/4. Includes a 90 day warranty.

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Mini for iPad Mini: $60 (Reg. $80)

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Apple plans opening of first new Tokyo retail store since 2005

The coming months will see the construction of Apple’s first new retail outlet in Japan’s capital city of Tokyo in 8 years, according to a new report.


Tokyo’s Omotesando shopping district will soon be home to a new Apple retail outlet, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday. The new store, according to sources familiar with Apple’s plans, should be completed by February of 2014.

The new store would be Apple’s third in Tokyo, a city of 13.2 million residents, and the eighth retail location in the whole of Japan, a country with 127.8 million people.

The new Tokyo store will reportedly have three levels, including two underground. In total, the new location is said to cover 20,109 square feet, and is said to currently be worth around 16 billion yen ($164 million). The addition of an Apple retail location would raise its worth to about 25 billion yen ($256 million).

On-site construction signs indicate that Jun Mitsui & Associates will handle the design aspect of the new location. That same group designed the De Beers Ginza Building and the New Haneda Airport International Terminal.

The new location could signal a new dedication on the part of Apple to increase sales in Japan. Even as it is in the midst of a long-awaited economic recovery, Japan as a nation remains Apple’s fourth-largest source of revenue, behind the Americas, Europe, and Greater China. For the most recent quarter, Apple earned $2.5 billion in Japan, up 27 percent from the same quarter in the year previous.

The next generation of Apple’s bestselling smartphone is expected to debut in early September, with a global launch, including the U.S. and Japan, thought to be slated just over a week later, on Sept. 20. This coming generation could see even greater sales for Apple in that country, as rumors abound that Apple may be nearing a deal with NTT DoCoMo to bring the iPhone to Japan’s largest wireless carrier.

Wednesday’s report from Bloomberg also contained a new claim that the aforementioned Sept. 10 event, which is expected to see the introduction of new iPhones, will also show off new designs for iPads. ASeptember iPad launch has been rumored in the past, but Apple has historically kept its iPhone and iPad announcements separate. Apple is instead expected to introduce new iPads later this fall.

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Madden 25 for iOS is available now and free-to-play

Madden 25 for iOS is available now and free-to-play

If you’re a mobile gamer and/or a football fan, you know that it’s time for the new Madden NFL game. This year marks the 25th anniversary of thefranchise, so Madden has set aside its usual numbering

 system (based on the year) and is calling the game Madden NFL 25. As you would expect from EA, the game has not been released on Android, but iOS users can get the game right now.

The big news for this year’s Madden game on iOS is that EA has decided to make the game free-to-play rather than charge the usual $6.99 that Madden has
cost on iOS in the past. Of course, the choice to go free-to-play has some major effects on the Madden game, and you may not appreciate them. You can gain coins and cash by playing the game of course, or you can spend real money to get coins and cash. Coins can be used to purchase players in the Auction or card packs to improve your team. 

Madden 25 for iOS is available now and free-to-play

The trouble is that whatever team you pick will be hurting from the start, because all of your player ratings will be dropped. Normally, the San Francisco 49ers are an overall 82, but if you choose them as your team, they will clock in at a 64. If you want to jump directly into full games, you may end up having to pay to be competitive, but if you follow the course of mini games and Solo tasks, you could get a good way without paying anything. Making things worse is the “energy” meter, which will limit how much you can play in a sitting unless you pay for more. Free-to-play can work well, but when there’s an energy meter involved, it is almost always a bad experience. 

Overall, Madden 25 is a good game. There are new controls to make the touchscreen experience better. But, it will all come down to how you can handle the free-to-play options. If you don’t play much, and are patient, you can get good value, but if you like to play a lot, you are going to end up paying for it.

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Apple deals: Mac mini from $509

Apple’s online store currently has a vast array of refurbished Mac mini models starting as low as $509 for a Mini with a 2.5GHz Intel dual-core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive. A $250 discount brings the cost down to $549 on the refurbished Mac mini with a 2.5GHz Intel dual-core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive. For $679, after a $120 price drop, is the Mac mini with a 2.3GHz Intel quad-core i7 processor, 4GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive.

A $240 discount is offered on the refurbished Mac mini with OS X Server, a 2.0GHz Intel quad-core i7 processor, 4GB of RAM and dual 500GB hard drives, now $759. Moving up the pricing scale is the Mac mini with OS X Server, a 2.3GHz Intel quad-core i7 processor, 4GB of RAM and dual 1TB hard drives for $849. For $1,359 is the refurbished Mac mini with a 2.6GHz Intel quad-core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM and a 256GB solid state drive, with Thunderbolt port.

With’s Mac Price guide, find the lowest prices on brand new Mac mini models. The Mini with a 2.5GHz Intel dual-core i5 processor, 4GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive has been cut to $549 at B&H also holds the lowest price on the Mac mini with OS X Server, a 2.3GHz Intel quad-core i7 processor, 4GB of RAM and two 1TB hard drives, now $949.

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Chromecast app for iOS released by Google

Chromecast for iOS app official

There’s some good news today for consumers that have turned their home into a melting pot of mobile platforms, as Google has released an official Chromecast app for iOS into the App Store.

Just like the Android app that’s been available for some time now, the Chromecast app for iOS allows users to easily set up their device with a Wi-Fi network and manage its settings. The Chromecast for iOS app weighs in at 6.2MB and is compatible with both the iPhone and iPad.

Google’s Chromecast is a small dongle that plugs into an open HDMI port on a receiver or television. After hopping onto a Wi-Fi connection, the Chromecast enables users to “cast” content from services like YouTube and Netflix to their TV from their smartphone, tablet or computer and then control playback. iOS users have been able to set up their Chromecasts using a computer since the device launched last month, but this new iOS app ought to make the process even easier.

If you’ve got a piece of iOS hardware and a Chromecast that are both living under your roof, you can snag Google’s official Chromecast for iOS app at the App Store link below.

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