Having issue downloading iOS 7? We can help


There are a lot of people trying to download iOS 7 right now and we can help you to resolve it yourself. Here is several tips how you can success with it in the below. There are two ways you can get iOS 7, check for Settings, General, Software update then download iOS 7 or you can use iTunes to do the work for you. If your iOS devices is already plugged, Wi-Fi is on and you still can’t get iOS 7, here is the tips in below.

  • Make sure that you have enough free storage on your iOS devices since you need around 3.5GB available. If it shows that it is not enough space to download it, you will need to delete some content. Before you do that, please make sure you have backed up before you starting deleting some things.
  • Make sure that you have plenty of battery power left or connect to a power outlet before you start with OTA update.
  • Make sure that you turn Wi-Fi on before you start.
  • If there is something really wrong that you couldn’t download iOS 7 on your iOS devices, bring it with you at Apple Store and request for help with this issue.

Again, be patient and keep trying because there are millions of people trying to download iOS 7 right now but remember, you are getting there very soon.

Updated: We were told that there are some customers have difficult time to get iOS 7 via over the air (OTA). We strongly suggest you to use iTunes 11.1 to get started with iOS 7.

Update 2: If you notice that your iOS device couldn’t be active after iOS 7 download, active server might be still down for awhile due to too many people getting iOS 7, you can try to check it again later.

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