Apple opens its second AppleCare repair center in Carlisle, PA

If you live on the East Coast or Midwest and your Apple products gets damaged while under its Apple Care warranty, there’s a good chance that you will get it repaired a lot faster now. When we say faster, it means really faster. Why? Apple recently opened their second AppleCare repair center in the United States. The new repair center is located in Carlisle, PA and it is about 200,000 square feet with another 2,500 square feet for offices.

applecare logo

“Apple will use this facility to conduct repairs and replacements and to manage, package, and ship repaired Apple devices to both customer’s homes and Apple Store Genius Bars across the country. When an Apple customer of a Mac computer, for example, needs aspects of their device replaced and fixed, their product is typically shipped to a similar warehouse in Elk Grove, California.”

Normally, Genius Bars send in their products to AppleCare in Apple’s Elk Grove, California center and it is more like at least a day in transit for defective devices from the east and midwest. Now with a second and new repair center on the opposite coast, repairs in all parts will be improved and speed up.

Source: 9to5Mac

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