Apple News: Live Updates 04-25-2020

Apple News: Live Updates 04-25-2020

* Illinois Received Significant Increase in Calls to Poison Control Since Two Days
* Trump Amplified Drugs And Disinfectants As Treatments
* New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo Orders COVID-19 Testing Availabilities At All Pharmacies
* With No Tourists Around, Animals at Yosemite are “Having a Party”

Apple Tech: Hollywood releases early movies on iTunes and other streaming (video)

With popular movies recently opened in theaters and or planning to premiere in the coming weeks, were facing difficult challenges due to Pandemic crisis of Coronavirus with results from box-office. Several studios announced plans to release their films digitally ahead of schedule on iTunes and other streaming.

Films planning to stream are:

Emma, The Hunt, The Invisible Man, Onward, Bloodshot, The Way Back, Just Mercy and The Gentlemen

Apple Tech: Apple TV + and Other Streaming Service Providers Follow European Union to Lower the Quality


Some customers have experiencing with streaming service being low in the quality. If it happens to some of you, you’re not alone. The European Union has requested streaming services to temporarily reduce streaming quality to ease the strain on broadband networks due to too much people staying at home away from Coronavirus crisis happening in the world. Netflix, YouTube, and now Apple TV+ have complied with the European Union standard rule.

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List of shows and films on Apple TV+ and coming soon

Apple wants its own Apple TV+ service to be best to Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and other streaming apps. You can bet that they are getting there soon. We personally think all streaming services are awesome. Mankind is our number one favorite show right now on Apple TV+. We are impressed that Jennifer Aniston earned the Screen Actor’s Guild (SAG) award for best female actor in a drama series “The Morning Show” via Apple TV+.

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